1.5KG Rivalry Grain Elite: Self-healing Rye Grain Bag with Ejection Port


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    Introducing the 1.5KG Rivalry Grain Elite, a superior bag of sterilized organic rye grain substrate equipped with innovative features for the advanced cultivator. This top-tier grow bag includes a self-heating system to maintain the perfect temperature for growth and an ejection port for effortless and sterile transfers.




    Designed for immediate utilization, the 1.5KG Rivalry Grain Elite allows for direct spore injection without compromising the sterility of the substrate. The bag is intended to be opened only when you’re ready to fruit or to transfer to a bulk substrate like horse manure, optimizing the conditions for spore germination.


    With each bag, we provide an alcohol swab to ensure a sterile start to your cultivation process. The 1.5KG Rivalry Grain Elite stands as a testament to grow bag innovation, blending ease of use with efficiency to facilitate a fruitful cultivation experience for both beginners and experts.


    2.5ML, 10ML, 20ML

    3 reviews for 1.5KG Rivalry Grain Elite: Self-healing Rye Grain Bag with Ejection Port

    1. Roland

      Healthy bags! Thank you

    2. Thomas

      Does the job well! Perfect for my mono tub setup

    3. Boni

      Seem to be sterilised well! Fast colonisation! Love it

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