TrippingStore’s Magical Grow Buddie – Your Ultimate Mushroom Cultivation Companion!


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    Embark on a magical journey of mushroom cultivation with TrippingStore’s Magical Grow Buddie, available in two enchanting sizes, XL and XXL. This extraordinary box is designed to be your all-in-one Heated Mushroom Incubator Box/Mushroom Fruiting Chamber, bringing innovation and versatility to your mushroom-growing experience.


    Key Features:

    • Magical Design: Shaped like a magical wand, the Grow Buddie is designed to be your go-to solution for successful mushroom cultivation.

    • All-in-One Solution: Experience the convenience of an all-in-one heated mushroom incubator and fruiting chamber.

    • Double Skinned Storage: Housed within a double-skinned stress-resistant storage box, it ensures the safety and warmth of your mushroom projects.

    • Plug and Play Digital Thermostat: Equipped with our System-Simple Plug and Play Digital Thermostat for precise temperature control.

    • Versatile and Sleek: Sleek, strong, and adaptable to various mushroom-growing techniques.


    Why the Magical Grow Buddie? The demand for an ALL-IN-ONE Mushroom Growing Box has never been greater! This magical box not only keeps your projects warm but also shields them from potential damage around the house. It stands at the forefront of innovation, leading the way in mushroom cultivation.


    XL and XXL Sizes – Ideal for Incubating and Fruiting: Incubating:

    • Agar dishes.

    • Liquid Culture Jars – 24 x 500ml or 12 x 1000ml.

    • MycoTub – 12 x 1200ml grain tubs stacked two high.

    • MycoPots – 24 x 510ml jars or 12 x 1000ml jars.

    • Inject and Forget bags – 5x2lbs or 2-3x4lbs bags.

    • Brown Rice flour and Grain bags – 12 x 1lbs.



    • MycoTubs – 6 x 1200ml tubs.

    • MycoPots – 12x 500-800ml pots.

    • Inject and Forget Bags – 5x2lbs or 2-3x4lbs bags.

    • 6Lbs Hpoo cakes x2.

    • MonoTub – 3lbs spawn and 3lbs bulk.


    Stackable and Space-Saving: The Magical Grow Buddie is fully stackable, supporting up to 36kg in vertical weight. Stack up to 6 high and add up to 6kg of projects to each box, staying under 200cm in total height.


    Thermostat Reset Instructions: To reset or change the thermostat settings:

    1. Hold down the left arrow for 3 seconds until it flashes. Use the up and down arrows to set the ON temperature.

    2. Leave the thermostat for 5 seconds to set.

    3. Hold down the right arrow for 3 seconds until it flashes. Use the up and down arrows to set the OFF temperature.

    4. Leave the thermostat for 5 seconds to set.

    The thermostat will maintain a base temperature of 26c – 27c with an overrun to 28.7c. Substrate temperature will be about 24c – 25c, and the air inside the bag will be at 23c – 24c. Elevate your mushroom cultivation with the enchanting Magical Grow Buddie from TrippingStore! Choose your desired size from the dropdown menu for a truly magical experience.


    XL, XXL

    9 reviews for TrippingStore’s Magical Grow Buddie – Your Ultimate Mushroom Cultivation Companion!

    1. Matt price

      I bought this and it worked perfectly even made it easy to organise the bags! leaving this review to claim the 10% but truly would buy one if i was growing more than 2 bags at a time!

    2. Ray

      Abit expensive but built well and really does keep them nice and warm! cheers lad!

    3. mazz

      Got it in 2 days! thanks guys!

    4. riaz

      A little expensive but built well! & seems to do the job too!

    5. alan

      Was abit too big for my place so replaced for the smaller one and this is just about! quite big but seems to be perfect to keep the bags well kept! would of liked it a little smaller though! great service though! they just a call away

    6. John

      Kind of new to magic mushroom research, and was after something to regulate heat well. cant be happier! good shop too, never let me down

    7. natalie

      leaving the review for the 10%, its as it says on the tin. this my 2nd one and they have worked so well for me!

    8. Robert

      works well. bags seem to really like it! have noticed a difference after getting it! keeps the warmth! nice product!

    9. Naima

      Impeccable service from
      This team! Good product too! 5 stars

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