4LB Oxytech Ultimate Mushroom Grow Bag


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    Elevate your mushroom cultivation to new heights with the **4lb OxyTech Ultimate Mushroom Grow Bag**, the cornerstone of our OxyTech series. This premium, large-capacity grow bag is engineered for those who aspire to maximize their yield without compromising on the convenience and efficiency synonymous with the OxyTech brand. It combines state-of-the-art oxygen release technology with a comprehensive, all-in-one design to deliver an unmatched cultivation experience.


    Key Features:


    • Unrivaled Capacity: As the largest offering in our lineup, the Ultimate Mushroom Grow Bag provides ample space for extensive mushroom cultivation, catering to serious growers and those looking to scale up their operations.
    • Cutting-Edge Oxygen Technology: Infused with oxygen release agents, this bag creates the optimal environment for mycelium growth, ensuring robust development and enhanced yields.
    • Simplified Cultivation Process: From inoculation through to harvest, this all-encompassing solution streamlines your cultivation journey, featuring self-healing injection ports and built-in air filtration to minimize contamination risks.
    • Maximized Yield Potential: Designed with productivity in mind, the Ultimate Grow Bag is tailored to support a flourishing crop of mushrooms, yielding impressive results that reflect the quality and capacity of the bag.


    Cultivation Instructions:


    • 1. Starting Your Grow: Introduce your spore solution into the grow bag via the self-healing injection ports. After injection, place the bag in a dark location to support the initial stages of mycelial growth.
    • 2. Creating the Ideal Environment: Keep the bag at a consistent temperature of 26-27°C, utilizing the oxygen release technology to foster optimal mycelium health and expansion.
    • 3. Initiating Fruiting: Once you observe that the substrate is fully colonized, adjust your setup to a fruiting environment with a 12-hour light on/12-hour off cycle, facilitating the growth of mushrooms.
    • 4. Harvesting Your Bounty: When the mushrooms have matured, it’s time to harvest. The 4lb Ultimate Grow Bag, with its superior design and technology, is poised to deliver an abundant yield.


    The  4lb OxyTech Ultimate Mushroom Grow Bag represents the zenith of mushroom cultivation technology, offering a seamless and productive growing experience. Ideal for both experienced cultivators and ambitious beginners, this grow bag ensures that your venture into mushroom growing is as rewarding as it is fruitful. Experience the pinnacle of at-home cultivation with the Ultimate Grow Bag, a symbol of our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of mycology.


    2.5ML, 10ML, 20ML

    8 reviews for 4LB Oxytech Ultimate Mushroom Grow Bag

    1. Bodi

      Been buying these for a while. Work well and no work to be done

    2. Evie

      £40 quid and i just got a bag with no spores to put it in! Should make it clearer spores don’t come with it as now i need to spend another £15!

    3. Hassan

      Was very happy with the speed and how easy it is. Hou just leave it alone and does well!

    4. John

      1st one stalled but i was sent another one. And this was is colonising super fast. Great team and customer service too! Thank you

    5. Jodi

      Great support from the team here and almost have mushrooms! Exciting

    6. Selana

      Its big but amazing bag. Always gave a huge harvest.

    7. Liam

      Since i tried this bag i never changed. Works so well for me. Bearly any work needed! 10/10

    8. Sufs

      Brilliant! No spraying or anything, easiest bags i have used to grow mushrooms and great amount of mushrooms from this big size! Whatever is packed into this thing works well

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