2LB Oxytech Vital Mushroom Grow Bag


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    Discover the perfect balance between yield and space with the **2lb OxyTech Vital Mushroom Grow Bag**, a standout in our innovative OxyTech series. This mid-sized marvel is crafted for cultivators who demand efficiency without sacrificing the quality and volume of their harvest. Incorporating advanced oxygen release technology within a user-friendly design, the Vital Mushroom Grow Bag offers an unparalleled cultivation experience for enthusiasts and seasoned growers alike.


    Key Features:


    • Optimal Capacity: The 2lb Vital Mushroom Grow Bag is meticulously designed to cater to those who require a substantial growing volume in a compact footprint, ideal for maximizing small to medium-sized cultivation spaces.
    • Advanced Oxygen Technology: Equipped with oxygen release agents, this grow bag ensures your mycelium receives the perfect amount of oxygen for vigorous growth and fruitful yields, mirroring the innovation embedded across the OxyTech series.
    • Ease of Cultivation: Featuring self-healing injection ports and integrated air filtration, the 2lb Vital Bag simplifies the mushroom growing process from start to finish, making it accessible to cultivators of all skill levels.
    • Efficient and Productive: Despite its mid-sized stature, this grow bag is engineered to optimize your cultivation efforts, promising rewarding yields that make the most of its dimensions.


    Cultivation Instructions:


    • 1. Spore Introduction: Utilize the self-healing injection ports to introduce your spore solution, setting the foundation for a successful cultivation cycle.
    • 2. Dark Phase: Post-injection, store the bag in a dark environment to encourage initial mycelial development, crucial for establishing a healthy growth base.
    • 3. Optimum Conditions: Maintain the grow bag in a consistent 26-27°C setting, taking advantage of the oxygen technology to enhance mycelium health and growth.
    • 4. Fruiting Transition: Shift to a fruiting setup with a 12-hour light/12-hour darkness cycle upon observing full colonization, promoting mushroom development.
    • 5. Harvest Ready: When mushrooms are mature, proceed to harvest, anticipating a substantial yield reflective of the Vital Bag’s advanced design and your cultivation care.


    The 2lb OxyTech Vital Mushroom Grow Bag from Tripping Store is your mid-sized gateway to achieving high-quality mushroom cultivation at home. It represents a blend of convenience, advanced technology, and efficiency in a size that offers both manageability and productivity. Step into a world of mushroom cultivation defined by innovation and enjoy the rewards of your efforts with this compact yet powerful grow bag.


    2.5ML, 10ML, 20ML

    8 reviews for 2LB Oxytech Vital Mushroom Grow Bag

    1. Bassam

      Small and gives a decent amount of mushrooms! Pleasantly surprised and would defo order again!

    2. Maria

      Amazing bag! Never let me

    3. Ketam

      Lovely to use! Easy and the 2 i got did absolutely amazing!

    4. Alya

      Amazing! Love these

    5. Hassam

      Only ever had one thag did not work! Was replaced easily i do recommend this bag and this store! Thanks guys

    6. Robinson

      Easy! Almost fool
      Proof. Love it

    7. Hamza

      Worked amazing, been using this bag ever since i bought it, Too easy and brilliant. Thanks

    8. Martin

      Did not look like the picture at all! But brilliant feeling
      Product! Was super fast! Great service! Cant fault you guys

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