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    1LB OxyTech Essence Grow Bag: Compact Cultivation Excellence


    Embark on your mushroom cultivation journey with the **1lb OxyTech Essence Grow Bag**, the most compact offering in our prestigious OxyTech series. Designed specifically for enthusiasts with limited space or those just beginning their mycological exploration, the 1lb Essence Grow Bag encapsulates the advanced technology of the OxyTech line in a manageable, user-friendly format.


    Key Features:


    • Perfect for Limited Spaces: The 1lb Essence is ideally sized for those looking to experiment or cultivate in smaller spaces, offering an efficient, space-saving cultivation solution.
    • Advanced Oxygen Technology: Featuring oxygen release agents, this bag ensures optimal oxygenation for your mycelium, promoting vigorous and healthy growth.
    • Ease of Use: With self-healing injection ports and integrated air filtration, the 1lb Essence simplifies the mushroom growing process, making it accessible and straightforward for cultivators at all experience levels.
    • Optimized for Rewarding Yields: Despite its smaller stature, this compact bag is engineered to maximize your cultivation efforts, yielding impressive results that belie its size.


    Cultivation Instructions:


    • 1. Getting Started: Introduce your spore solution through the bag’s self-healing injection ports. Then, place the bag in a dark environment to encourage the initial mycelial development.
    • 2. Creating the Ideal Environment: Keep the bag at a steady 26-27°C, leveraging the oxygen release technology for the best possible mycelium growth conditions.
    • 3. Transitioning to Fruiting: Once full colonization is observed, adjust your setup to a 12-hour light on/12-hour off cycle to initiate and support mushroom development.
    • 4. Harvesting: When your mushrooms are fully mature, proceed with harvesting. The 1lb Essence Grow Bag, while compact, is designed to deliver a satisfying and substantial harvest.


    The 1lb OxyTech Essence Grow Bag  is your entry point into the world of mushroom cultivation, offering a blend of advanced technology, efficiency, and ease of use in a compact, space-conscious format. Experience the essence of cutting-edge mycology with this high-performance grow bag, perfect for personal projects or small-scale cultivation.


    2.5ML, 10ML, 20ML

    5 reviews for 1LB Oxytech essence grow bag

    1. Afria

      Little pocket size grow bag! Love these! Just inject and forget them they do the job well!

    2. Jessy

      Live the size! And they grow fast in the bag. Will be buying again

    3. Jasper

      Got a weight of 180 which was surprising. On my 3rd one thanks guys

    4. Alsalan

      Abit too small for me but it did colonised super fast!

    5. Mrabet

      Get impressive yields from
      This small bag! Easiest bag i have used! !

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