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    Transform your mushroom cultivation with MycoPrime Perlite from Trippingstore, specifically designed to optimize fruiting chambers. Our premium Perlite ensures your fruiting chambers maintain the ideal humidity levels crucial for mushroom development.


    Optimized Humidity for Thriving Growth: MycoPrime Perlite is engineered to enhance moisture retention, providing a stable and moist environment that is perfect for fruiting chambers and essential for promoting vigorous mushroom growth.


    Contamination Shield: Enhance the Perlite’s effectiveness and protect your crop by incorporating hydrogen peroxide during the wetting process. This step helps prevent contamination, keeping your growing environment pristine and conducive to healthy mushroom production.


    Ready to Use Packaging: We pack our Perlite in durable 3x4x18 bags, offering you convenience and ample supply whether you’re managing a small personal project or a large-scale commercial operation.


    Expert Support Tailored to You: At Trippingstore, we’re not just about supplying products; we’re here to support your growing ambitions with expert advice tailored to your needs. Whatever your requirements, we’re ready to assist.


    Quality You Can Trust: We’re committed to the highest standards of quality, ensuring every bag of Perlite we deliver performs to your expectations, supporting the success and satisfaction of your mushroom cultivation.


    Guaranteed Satisfaction: If any issues arise, such as receiving damaged or contaminated Perlite, contact us promptly. We’re dedicated to resolving any concerns to ensure your satisfaction.


    Choose MycoPrime Perlite from Trippingstore to unlock prolific mushroom production in your fruiting chambers. Order now and elevate the quality and yield of your mushroom cultivation!


    1000mL, 2000mL, 3000mL, 5000mL


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