4lb Stallion grain pro mushroom grow kit


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    Step into advanced mycology with our top-tier Stallion Grain kit. Designed for both budding and seasoned cultivators, this comprehensive setup is your gateway to producing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms with ease and efficiency.




    Inside Your Kit:


    • Optimized Substrate Blend: Dive into cultivation with 4lbs of our specially engineered mix, combining rye grain and nutrient-dense horse manure substrates, plus coco coir, vermiculite, growth supplements, and gypsum. This blend is key to unlocking explosive growth and unparalleled potency.
    • Vermiculite Coating: A separate bag of sterilized vermiculite is included, perfect for rolling your colonized substrate to ensure moisture retention and support an impressive fruiting phase.
    • Spacious Fruiting Environment: The XLS bag is designed to give your mushrooms the room they need to expand, ensuring your efforts culminate in a substantial harvest.
    • Sanitizing Essentials: Sterile gloves and an alcohol swab are provided to guarantee a clean start and handling throughout your cultivation journey.


    Journey to Harvest:


    • 1. Clean Start: Sterilize the injection port with the alcohol swab before introducing 10ml of spore solution into the heart of our premium substrate.
    • 2. Ideal Conditions: Position the bag in a warm, dark spot at 26-27°C to kickstart the mycelium’s journey.
    • 3. Stimulate Colonization: Once you see significant mycelium growth, mix it evenly through the substrate to speed up colonization.
    • 4. Prepare for Fruiting: Transition your fully colonized substrate into the XLS bag, rolling it in vermiculite first. This stage is crucial for fruiting, supported by the substrate’s premium composition.
    • 5. Fostering Growth: Initially, keep the bag sealed under light for four days to encourage moisture buildup and mycelium development.
    • 6. Misting Done Right: Avoid direct substrate saturation by misting around or above the substrate, letting water droplets settle gently
    • 7. Eager for Pins: Once pins emerge, maintain minimal handling. A slight opening ensures continuous airflow.
    • 8. Ready to Harvest: Pick your mushrooms at their prime, easily adjusting the bag for access.
    • 9. Beyond the First Flush: After harvesting, rehydrate the substrate for additional growth cycles, extending your cultivation journey.


    Yield Insights:

    Growers using this premium stallion and grain-engineered bag report yields nearing 800 grams of wet weight, a testament to the kit’s superior design and the quality of care provided. While outcomes can vary based on strain and growing conditions, the potential for abundant harvests is significant.

    Why Choose Our Kit?

    Opting for this Stallion Grain kit means embracing the art of mushroom cultivation at its finest. It’s not merely about growing mushrooms; it’s about achieving mastery over your cultivation environment, guided by our expertly crafted components and clear instructions.


    Begin your journey to abundant mushroom harvests with confidence. Our premium Stallion Grain kit is here to guide you every step of the way, promising a cultivation experience that’s as rewarding as it is productive.


    2.5ML, 10ML, 20ML

    8 reviews for 4lb Stallion grain pro mushroom grow kit

    1. Mark

      Beauty of a product! Love these bags! Amazing grow every time! Thanks

    2. Layla


    3. Maxz

      The only bag i use since bought! Huge harvest!

    4. Basim

      Got a very good weight from
      This bag! Unsure if its spores or these but 10/10 love it!

    5. Ali

      Amazing! These bags work so well
      For me! Best bags i have used

    6. Youssef

      These have never let me down! Good team always a pleasure buying from this store! Thanks guys

    7. Khara

      Dont buy another bag! This is the one to get! Top quality bags

    8. Mathew J

      Impressive. Best bag for monotub in my opinion. Thanks guys

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