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    Introducing the Stallion BRF Kit, a cornerstone for those embarking on or advancing their mushroom cultivation journey. This kit merges the traditional with the innovative, offering a balanced 50/50 mix of horse manure and brown rice flour (BRF) to fuel the growth of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.


    Why BRF and Horse Manure?


    The BRF provides a fine, nutrient-rich foundation, ideal for the initial mycelium development. When combined with the organic enrichment of horse manure, it creates a dynamic substrate that boosts mushroom size, flavor, and potency. This dual approach ensures your mushrooms have everything they need to thrive.


    Kit Essentials:


    • 50/50 Substrate Mastery: Our kit features 4lbs of a perfectly hydrated blend, ready to support your mushrooms from spore to harvest. The synergy of BRF and horse manure elevates growth, making this kit ideal for cultivators seeking premium results.
    • Sterilized Vermiculite: Included for its crucial role in moisture retention, ensuring your fruiting phase is as bountiful as possible.
    • Expansive Fruiting Bag (XLS): Designed for ample growth, this bag provides the space needed for your mushrooms to flourish fully.
    • Sanitation Tools: Sterile gloves and an alcohol swab are provided to foster a contamination-free cultivation environment from start to finish.


    Your Cultivation Blueprint:


    • 1. Sanitize and Inject: Begin by sterilizing the injection port with the alcohol swab. Introduce 10ml of spore solution into the substrate to ignite the growth process.
    • 2. Optimal Growth Setting: Place the bag in a warm, dark area (26-27°C), ideal for encouraging spore germination and subsequent mycelium colonization.
    • 3. Maximize Colonization: Once you observe substantial mycelium growth, evenly distribute it through the substrate to accelerate full colonization.
    • 4. Fruiting Prep: Transition your fully colonized substrate into the XLS bag after rolling it in vermiculite. Stand it upright, ensuring the substrate is evenly coated for optimal fruiting.
    • 5. Moisture and Mycelium: Keep the bag sealed under light for the first four days, promoting moisture buildup and mycelium development.
    • 6. Perfect Misting: When misting, aim around or above the substrate to avoid direct saturation, fostering the right humidity for growth.
    • 7. Await Pins: With pins emerging, reduce handling and maintain a small opening for airflow.
    • 8. Harvest Peak: Harvest your mushrooms before spore drop, adjusting the bag for easy access.
    • 9. Encourage More Flushes: Rehydrate the substrate after harvesting for more growth cycles, promising a continual yield.


    **Yield and Quality:**
    The Stallion BRF Kit is celebrated for producing yields close to 800 grams of wet weight, with the potential for more under optimal conditions. The quality of your mushrooms depends on the care and conditions provided, showcasing the kit’s capacity for superior cultivation.


    **Why the Stallion BRF Kit?**
    Choosing the Stallion BRF Mushroom Grow Kit means embracing a blend of tradition and innovation for mushroom cultivation. It’s about unlocking the potential of every spore, guided by quality components and a supportive environment. Start your path to prolific mushroom harvests today, backed by the expertise and quality of our carefully curated kit.


    Embark on your cultivation journey with the Stallion BRF Kit, where premium substrates meet expert design for unmatched mushroom growing success.


    2.5ML, 10ML, 20ML

    6 reviews for 4lb Stallion BRF pro mushroom grow kit

    1. Mandy

      Love it! Did so well!

    2. Riaz

      Love these 50/50 bags! Very nice and the largest harvests i have done yet

    3. Rami

      Probably my new fav monotub bag! Last 2 have been amazing

    4. Albi

      Best grow bag, dont bother with anything else

    5. Ebz

      A very good bag of shit! Does the job amazingly well, cant fault

    6. Emma

      Got this kit with B+ and could not have been happier! Superb

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