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    Embark on a captivating journey of mushroom cultivation with the Mushroom Majesty 45L Full Kit, brought to you by TrippingStore. This comprehensive kit is your gateway to mastering the art of mycology, equipped with all the essentials required for a successful and bountiful grow. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this kit offers both novices and seasoned growers a seamless and enriching cultivation experience.


    Kit Options:


    • – Standard Kit: Includes the essentials for getting started.
    • – Upgraded Kit: Features everything in the Standard Kit, plus a heating mat for optimal growth conditions.


    Included in the Standard Kit


    • – 45L MonoTub with Precision-Cut Vent Holes: Engineered for optimal airflow and temperature control, essential for healthy mushroom development.
    • – Polyfill Air Filters: Six pieces to ensure clean, filtered air exchange.
    • – Sterilized Rye Grain Spawn Substrate (1.5kg): Ready-to-colonize substrate for your spores
    • – CVG Bulk Substrate Mix (3x1kg): Provides the perfect environment for mushroom growth.
    • – Vermiculite Casing Layer (1000ml): For moisture retention and protection.
    • – MonoTub Black Liner: Creates an ideal dark environment for mycelium colonization.
    • – Fine Mist Spray Bottle (1000ml): For maintaining perfect humidity within your setup.
    • -MycoMedi Glove Pack: Ensures a sterile setup process.


    Upgraded Kit Additions:

    Heating Mat: Specifically designed to maintain the optimal temperature range (24-27°C), enhancing growth and yield.


    Please Note:


    – Spores are not included in either kit option. They can be purchased separately for microscopic research purposes.
    – The journey from spore injection to harvest typically spans 4-6 weeks, influenced by environmental conditions and cultivation practices.


    Instructions for Cultivation:


    • 1. Spore Injection: Begin by injecting your chosen spores into the Sterilized Rye Grain Spawn Substrate. This is a critical first step in initiating the growth process.
    • 2. Incubation: Place the inoculated substrate in an area maintained at 24-27°C to encourage spore germination and mycelium growth. Regularly check for signs of mycelium expansion.
    • 3. Preparation of the MonoTub: While your spawn is colonizing, prepare your MonoTub. Line the tub with the provided black liner and arrange the Polyfill air filters into the vent holes to ensure proper gas exchange and filtration.
    • 4. Substrate Layering: Once your spawn is fully colonized, layer it with the CVG Bulk Substrate Mix inside the MonoTub, following a lasagna-like approach for optimal growth conditions.
    • 5. Casing Layer: Cover the top layer with the Vermiculite Casing Layer to retain moisture and protect the substrate.
    • 6. Fruiting Conditions: Adjust the environment to promote fruiting. This includes ensuring the tub’s internal humidity is maintained with the spray bottle and that the temperature stays within the ideal range.
    • 7. Monitoring and Maintenance: Regularly check your setup for moisture levels and air exchange. Adjust the Polyfill as needed to maintain optimal conditions.
    • 8. Harvest: Once mushrooms have matured, harvest them with care to avoid damaging the mycelium, ensuring further flushes.


    Your cultivation journey with the Mushroom Majesty 45L Full Kit is a process of learning, patience, and excitement. With detailed guidance and high-quality components, you’re well-equipped to explore the fascinating world of mushroom growth. Welcome to a fulfilling experience, curated exclusively by TrippingStore, where cultivation meets discovery.


    Standard (No heat mat), Upgraded (+20 watt heat mat), Full Refill (All Substrates)


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