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    Explore the fascinating world of mushroom cultivation with the Dutch Harmony 1200ml Grow Box, a meticulously designed system that combines ease of use with the advanced features required by both beginners and seasoned mycologists. This 1200ml capacity box is your comprehensive solution for delving into mycology with research-grade accuracy and efficiency.


    Kit Contents:


    • Dutch Harmony 1200ml Mycobox: A robust, reusable box offering 1200ml of space, designed for multiple cultivation cycles with an eye on sustainability and success.
    • Optimal Air Exchange: Includes two micron filter strips on the lid, ensuring your mycelium breathes while staying protected from contaminants.
    • Simplified Spore Introduction: Features six self-healing injection ports for a straightforward, contamination-free spore inoculation process.
    • Premium Substrate Mix: Pre-filled with a grain and vermiculite blend, the box is primed and ready for mycelium colonization.
    • Large Fruiting Bag (XLS): Provides ample space for your mushroom crop to flourish, accommodating the full breadth of your harvest.
    • Perlite for Humidity Management: 500ml of perlite included to fine-tune moisture levels within your fruiting chamber.
    • Clean Start Tools: Alcohol swabs ensure the injection ports are sterile, underscoring the importance of beginning your cultivation with cleanliness.


    Journey from Spore to Harvest:


    • 1. Ideal Environment: Post-inoculation, maintain the grow box at a constant 25-26°C, conducive to rapid and robust mycelium development.
    • 2. Growth Initiation: Distribute 20ml of your spore solution evenly across the six ports to begin the colonization process in this efficient 1200ml system.
    • 3. Colonization to Fruiting: Transition to fruiting once the substrate is fully colonized, using the XLS bag to create a humid environment vital for mushroom development.
    • 4. Humidity and Ventilation: Begin with a sealed bag to accumulate moisture, then proceed with regular misting and air exchange to promote healthy pin formation without over-wetting the substrate.
    • 5. Harvesting and Beyond: Harvest at the ideal time for maximum potency and prepare for subsequent flushes with the same detailed care.


    **Why Choose the Dutch Harmony 1200ml Box?**

    The Dutch Harmony 1200ml Grow Box isn’t just a cultivation tool; it’s a comprehensive partner in your mycological adventure, streamlining the mushroom growing process from start to finish. Equipped to support remarkable harvests—potentially yielding up to 800 grams of wet weight, depending on strain selection and cultivation conditions—it exemplifies sustainable and efficient mushroom cultivation.


    Embrace the rewarding journey of growing your own mushrooms with the Dutch Harmony 1200ml Grow Box, where cutting-edge design meets user-friendly functionality for unparalleled cultivation experiences.


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    2 reviews for Dutch Harmony 1200ML mushroom grow box

    1. Alan

      Used these many times! Slow because you cant mix it up but end result is always top tier!

    2. Ani

      I love this kit. 3rd one i got and they always do me well!

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