4LB Luminate supreme-grow bag


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    Introducing the 4LB Luminate SupremeGrow Bag, the zenith of home mushroom cultivation brought to you by Tripping Store. This supreme grow bag represents our commitment to providing cultivators with the easiest, yet most effective mushroom growing experience. Tailored for those who value simplicity without compromising on yield, the SupremeGrow Bag negates the need for fanning, misting, and any other traditional maintenance. It stands as the pinnacle of premium cultivation, offering unparalleled convenience and exceptional results.


    A 20ml spore solution is necessary to begin your journey into mushroom cultivation.


    Key Features:


    • Unmatched Simplicity: The 4LB Luminate SupremeGrow Bag simplifies the cultivation process to an ‘inject and forget’ method, ideal for cultivators who prioritize efficiency and results. Say goodbye to the cumbersome tasks of fanning and misting.
    • Light-Optimized Growth: Crafted to thrive under light conditions, this grow bag fosters a healthy and vigorous mycelial network from the start, removing the traditional need for a dark colonization phase.
    • Superior Substrate Blend: The strategic mix of Coco Coir and Rye Grain within this 4LB bag ensures rapid colonization and enhances yield potential, redefining expectations for grow bag performance.
    • Accelerated Harvest Cycle: Designed to shorten the time from inoculation to harvest to merely 35-45 days, the Luminate SupremeGrow Bag is perfect for cultivators looking forward to their bounty with minimal wait.


    Cultivation Instructions:


    • 1. Initiate Your Grow: Start by injecting your chosen spore solution through the self-healing injection ports. This step begins your cultivation process with minimal effort required.
    • 2. Effortless Condition Optimization: Simply place the bag in an area with dim light at a steady temperature of 26-27°C. The SupremeGrow Bag’s design ensures the ideal conditions for mycelium growth and mushroom development.
    • 3. Transition to Fruiting: Once full colonization is observed, adjust your setup to encourage fruiting. The bag’s unique composition supports a hassle-free shift to mushroom production.
    • 4. Harvest Your Bounty: The culmination of your minimal effort is a plentiful harvest. The Luminate SupremeGrow Bag not only maximizes yield but also ensures each cultivation cycle is fruitful and satisfying.

    The 4LB Luminate SupremeGrow Bag is more than just a grow bag; it’s a testament to Tripping Store’s dedication to advancing the art and science of mushroom cultivation. Ideal for both novice enthusiasts and seasoned growers, this bag embodies the ultimate in convenience, quality, and mycological excellence.


    2.5ML, 10ML, 20ML


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